Subject: Consult from Venezuela (fwd)

Phil Clapham (
Fri, 08 Jan 1999 15:23:10 -0500


Mike Williamson passed on your message to me.  I suggest you address
this question to Dr Debra Palka of the National Mraine Fisheries
Service; Deb is an expert on transect methodology and density estimation
(among other things).  Her email is

Good luck.

Phil Clapham

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> Dear Dr. Williamson:
> I write to you from VENEZUELA. I am official of the Service of Fauna of the
> Government of Venezuela (Ministry of the Enviroment and the Renewable
> Natural Resources). At the moment I have been taken charge of continuing
> with an investigation on Cetaceans in the central costs of the country.
> Each month I carry out two trips to estimate the population of the species
> of cetaceans that we are observed. A trip is parallel to the coast, to 1 Km
> of distance of the cost and around 18 Km long. The second trip is
> perpendicular to the coast line and it has 12 Km long.
> For each observed cetacean or group, it registers the species, the quantity
> of individuals, the geographical coordinates (GPS) and the approximate
> distance to the line of sailing of the trip.
> Mainly we have observed groups of dolphins (Stenella frontalis, Tursiops
> truncatus) and some Brady's Whales (Balaenoptera edeni).
> Which formula do you recommend to estimate the populational density of each
> species?
> Much will thank their valuable help and any recommendation or comment that
> you makes me in well of the best knowledge in the cetaceans of Venezuela.
> I am while waiting for their answer, to their pleasing orders, sincerely:
>              Ministerio del Ambiente
>    y los Recursos Naturales Renovables
>                         -----------
> Centro de Investigaci+APM-n y Manejo de Fauna
>                     MANFAUNA