Subject: Please help me find a mentor

Phil Clapham (
Mon, 11 Jan 1999 06:53:11 -0500

Hi Beth:

There is one organization in the region which sometimes takes on interns
(though generally for longer periods of time).  This is the Center for
Coastal Studies in Provincetown (they have a web page - easy to find
with any search engine).  I don't know if they'd be interested in this,
but they're certainly worth contacting.

Good luck!

Phil Clapham wrote:
> My name is Beth Watkinson.  I live in CT and have a house in Cape Cod.  I have
> always loved whales.  Right now I am studying for my Masters degree at
> Southern CT State University and teaching second grade at the same time.  My
> professors have asked us to find a mentorship for two weeks this summer -
> either late June or August.  We can find a mentor in a Science category of our
> choice.  I dream of whales and the Cape so much that I would love to find
> someone to observe that includes both topics.  This person that I have been
> assigned to observe has to be someone at the top of their field.  I am an
> extremely fast learner who is very eager.
>     I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction.  Maybe a
> name to write to that could help me further.  Thank you for any help you can
> give.  Also thank you for your time and consideration.
> Beth Watkinson - e-mail address -


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