Subject: Blue Whale Tail

Phil Clapham (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 06:15:27 -0500

Hi Amanda:

Blue whales get to a maximum length of over 100 feet (there's dispute
about whether the biggest on record was 103 or 110, but both were from
the Antarctic where they're somewhat larger than blues in the northern

If you take a more average-length blue whale, say one of 72 feet that
was measured by whalers at Newfoundland in 1901, the breadth of the tail
was 23 feet.  So, in a 100 foot whale, the tail would probably be around
30 feet in width!

Phil Clapham

Joe Gifford wrote:
> Mr.Clapham,
>     My name is Amanda Gifford I am In the first grade. We are studying
> whales in our class. I would like to ask you how big is the tail of the
> blue whale???
>     Thank you for your time.
> Amanda Gifford


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