Subject: Marine mammal careers

Phil Clapham (
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 06:20:29 -0500

Hi Sydney:

Thanks for your question.  As you've probably found out, there is a
whole page on careers in Whalenet, as well as one on the Society for
Marine Mammalogy's web page (

In answer to your question, you would make more money if you went into
research than if you were a trainer.  But you'd have to get an advanced
degree, preferably a PhD (a doctorate).  Since I do research, I also
think that researchers have a lot more fun than trainers (but they may
have a different idea!)  We get to go out onto the ocean and see lots of
different kinds of whales and dolphins.

Good luck!


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hello. I am in the 7th grade and I am really interested in marine
animals and was thinking about marine 
biology. I was wondering, what exactly do marine biologists do? I was
wondering,would your pay be 
better if you went into research rather that training(such as working at
sea world)? I have learned a 
lot about the ocean and the animals that live there this year in science
class,and I was really 
interested in them. I think that whales are incredible creatures,they
are my favorite ocean creature 
along with dolphins. if you could, would you please respond to me as
soon as possible-my email 
address is -- I really appreciate this web
page,and now I know that if I 
have any questions I can come to this web page.. 
    Thank You so much.
             Sydney Moore