Subject: Re: Makah nation

Phil Clapham (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 09:45:43 -0500

To my knowledge, the Makah are still intending to go out for gray
whales.  They had not taken one as of a few days ago, and the hunt has
been thwarted by this season's unusually late migration of gray whales
from the northern feeding grounds (perhaps related to it being a very
light ice year).  I don't know whether the Makah have a cut-off date,
after which they'll give up for the year.  At any rate, they still
intend to go out for gray whales; if not this season, then next.

Phil Clapham

> Liz Turner wrote:
> Hello,
> Perhaps you can tell me what happened to the whale hunt planned by the
> Makah Nation last fall? It's a news story that appeared and then
> vanished here in Scotland. Thanks....liz turner


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