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Hi Melaura:

The best  review of this subject is:

Fordyce, E. & Barnes, L.  1994.  The evolutionary history of whales and
dolphins.  Annual Review of Earth & Planetary Science 22: 419-455.

(Don't ask me how it ended up in this journal!)

Other papers you should consult, since they all deal with a recent very
controversial theory about sperm whales being more closely related to
baleen whales than to other toothed whales (the tide and the evidence is
now flowing pretty much against this idea, but it stimulated some good

Milinkovitch, M. et al.  1993.  Revised phylogeny of whales suggested by
mitochondrial ribosomal DNA sequences.  nature 361: 346-348.
(also see Trends in Ecology and Evolution 10: 328-334, 1995)
Heyning, J.E.  1997.  Sperm whale phylogeny revisited: analysis of the
morphological evidence.  Marine Mammal Science 13: 596-613.
Cerchio, S. & Tucker, P.  1998.  Influence of alignment on the
mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of Cetacea.  Systematic Biology 47: 336-344.

Good luck with the paper!


> cran wrote:
> Hi Phil!
>     I am a graduate student in Mobile, Alabama and am writing a paper
> on the evolution of whales. If you have any suggestions on where to
> find relevant information it would be greatly appreciated.  We are
> expected to use primary literature but any information at all would be
> helpful. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back
> from you!
> Melaura Cranford


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