Subject: Re: Fossil Orca's

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Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:08:08 -0500

At 02:57 PM 1/24/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear researcher,
>on a site about Orcas by a certain Morton, a note was made
>that Orca fossils were found that were potentially 50-60
>million years old. I understood that the present idea about
>the phylogeny of cetacea is that they descended from
>mesonychids that lived around that period. I would be much
>interested to see a reference to preferably scientific
>literature or if not available popular scientific literature
>that describes these finds.
>Best wishes,
>Hans Degens
Dear Hans

        I'll try to dig up some more specific references for you but you
could begin with:

The hand book of Marine Mammals;  Vol4  by Ridgway and Leatherwood

and,  Whales of the World By Tinker

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