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>Hello Gentlemen
>My name is Maurice Kahlil Robins and I am 22yrs old.  I want to get my degree
>in Marine Biology, but now I'm in the military.  So could you tell me some
>good schools in North Carolina particaly around the Fort Bragg area. Also
>could you tell  me the requirements that I need to study because I am very
>fascinated on the ocean and the stars.
>Thank You

Dear Maurice

        University of North Carolina at Wilmington  (UNCW) is a good place
to begin.  They have an Undersea Research Center there and a curriculum in
place.  You'd have to get a catalogue or speak to someone there as to
requirements as each university is different.  In general, you'll need 4
semesters of math, 2 of chemistry, 2 of physics and lots of biology.  I
would caution you AGAINST seeking an undergraduate degree in marine biology
(if one is even offered) but to seek a degree in biology then go to grad
school for the specialty.  Good luck!

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