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>Dear Dr. Scheifel:
>I am aware that Bottlenosed Dolphins go to sleep with only partical
>parts of the brain.  But, how long do they sleep on average?  What parts
>of the brain do they "shut-off"?  Please give a break down of the
>dolphins brain with a definition of each parts function if known.  Thank
>you very very much for you time and consideration in this matter.
>From the Thomas Home
Dear Thomas Home

        That's a pretty tall order you've got there!  Here's some info...
1.      Dolphins have been documented in research (Mukhametov, 1987) as
sleeping some 33 to 35% of their day.

2.      They apparently sleep with half of their brain awake (right and left

3.      No one knows whether they actually undergo rapid-eye-movement (REM)

4.      Their brain is not unlike a typical mammalian brain in gross anatomy
(they have two hemispheres- right and left which are greatly enlarged and
very convoluted).

A very nice reference that is somewhat technical can be found in "The
Bottlenose Dolphin" by Leatherwood and Reeves.

Let me know if you need more info.

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