Subject: Humpback whales

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Mon, 08 Feb 1999 13:48:15 -0600

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>We live in Puerto Vallarta, M=E9xico and see humpback whales with babies
>in our bay every winter.  My question is do the males come with the
>females to mate in these warm waters or do only the females come to give
>birth?  Also where do these whales go for the summer.  Any other
>information you may refer me to about our whales would be appreciated.
>Polly & Hubert Vicars

Males and females are found together in the warmer seas during the winter
because it is in the winter when they go to those waters for courtship and
mating. Also that is when females give birth. During the summer they go to
the polar seas to eat (mostly) plankton, their major source of nutrients.

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