Subject: Whale Watching in Baja California

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>Dear Sir,
>	My family and I are very interested in finding out when the best time
>is to see the whales off the coast of Baja Ca.
>	If you could get a chance to answer this question it would be greatly
>	Thank you for your time.
>	Christine Stanisich
>	Logan,Utah
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Most whale watching in Baja California revolves around gray whales.  They
migrate from the North Pacific/Arctic waters to the tropical and
subtropical coasts of western North America during the Northern Hemisphere
winter.  That means that by now most of them are either already in the
waters of Baja California or about to get there.  That is why most
commercial whale watching tours are offered during the February/March period.

You can search on the Internet for whale watcher operators for that area by
typing the following key words: +whale +watching +Baja +California. Try to
select an operator which is going to really give you the most technical
approach to whale watching and one that is not very intrusive, i.e., that
respects the natural space that whales need.  Also, look for those that
will also give you the opportunity to observe other marine mammals in the
area.  Some of them have been endorsed by reputable U.S. conservation

Good luck.

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