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>At our school we are working on projects about what we would like to know
>about something.Well our group would like to know some things about mammals
>of the sea.Some questions are:
>1) How do they communicate? What type of body language do they use?

All marine mammals produce underwater sounds and in many cases it has been
demonstrated that at least some of those sounds are used for communication
purposes. Regarding body language we know less. It seems apparent that many
of the movements make by these animals have a communication value but that
is less understood. It may well be, in many cases, that we are dealing with
just playful behavior.

>2) Do you have any specific web sites that we should visit that we can find
>information about the mammals of the sea?

There are hundreds of them. I would recommend that you try to be more
specific on what you want to know. Many of those rites specialize on
behavior, captivity, conservation, etc. Type words that relate to your
specific inquiry. That should get you there. You can also go to the home
webpage of Whale Net where you will find a number of links.

>3) Why do they communicate differently from each other?

I am not sure I understand your question but I guess that it refers to
different types of communication among different species.  Each species
uses sounds differently and, actually, those sounds have been used to
identify species that are hard to recognize visually such as some species
of pilot whales. Not only that, but different populations of the same
species have "dialects" or variations in the structure of sounds they produce.

>Thank you for any help you can give us, 
>	Danny R.
>            Amanda L
>	Amanda M.

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