Subject: Hunting by Killer Whales

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Tue, 02 Feb 1999 08:21:46 -0600

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>Hello.  My name is Sarah.  I'm doing a report on orcas.  I'm in the 4th
>I have two questions.  Number 1: What are some of their regular strategies

When attacking large whales, orcas or "killer" whales approach from
different angles. Their most common strategy is to immobilize and drown
their prey.  When hunting pinnipeds the strategy varies depending on the
prey species and size. They are known to kill seals and sea lions by
hitting the prey into the air with their flukes.  In other cases they
practice cooperative hunting.  They also may strand (very briefly)
themselves in search for pinnipeds that look for dry land for refuge.

 Number 2: What do they hunt?

Diet varies considerably from region to region of the world (orcas are
cosmopolitan), but besides other marine mammals (including even other
orcas) they also capture fish (including sharks), sea otters, birds,
reptiles, and cephalopods (squids and octopuses).

> I apreciate any help you can give me.
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