Subject: Marine conservation bibliography

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>Hello,my name is Jenny Stevens and I was wondering if you could send 
>me a bibliography of a list of source books that I could look up 
>information about killer whales in particular. I was also wondering if 
>you could tell me what year that you think that the first marine 
>conservation group started in. If you could think of the exact day of 
>the month it would be most helpful. Also if could give me the name of 
>it would really appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to help 
>me with answering my questions.---Jenny Stevens (Middle School Student 
>at Tongue River Middle School)

You can find in the WhaleNet bibliography section a vast number of articles
and books about the subject you are looking for. There have been hundreds
if not thousands of article on that species.

Regarding your second question, that is a tough one.  There are dozens of
marine conservation groups not only in the U.S. but also abroad. You will
see that many of the larger environmental groups such as World Wildlife
Fund, the Nature Conservancy, and many others will also claim that they
have been in this area for years. So it is very difficult to find out that
precisely. I did a little search of my own and I could not find any source
that can be considered as the "definite" one on the subject.  What you can
say is that the marine conservation movement as such really started  in the
60's with the mounting concern about the oceans and environmental issues in

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