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>Dear Dr Romero,
>I have three children (7yrs, 6yrs &4yrs old) who adore whales and we would
>like to make a trip to see them.  We live in Jacksonville Fl. and are
>to go to Alaska in the summer and were wondering where you would recommend.
>Also is there a place or time to see whales in the Carribean?
>Many thanks from a whale admiring family,
>Gabija McLauchlan

I think that what you are planning for your family will be an excellent
experience.  There are many whale watch tour operators in both Alaska and
the Caribbean. All of the them have web pages where they offer different
experiences. Try to choose among those who have been for many years in the
business, those that are less intrusive towards the vital space of the
animals, and those that will give you the better explanations of what you
are seeing.  One clue that you can use is to look for those that have been
endorsed by reputable U.S. environmental organizations.

Best wishes and good luck

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