Subject: Goldfish and Marine Biology

Bob Cooper (
Tue, 08 Jan 1980 19:53:33 -0800

Alfredo A Barrios wrote:
> Dear Mr.Cooper,
>      I am twelve years old, and I want to be a marine biologist when I grow
> up. I was wondering if you guys study common goldfish and other types of
> household fish. I would really appreciate it if you would send me some tips
> that I should know about a marine biologist. Thank you so much!!!!

Dear Amanda,
	In marine biology we study life that lives in the ocean or the "marine 
environment". Goldfish, 
and I suppose, some other household fish live in fresh water. This doesn't mean 
that as a marine 
biologist you can't study other environments or animals. I study lots of 
different kinds of animals 
besides marine mammals, such as some Amazon fishes, lungfishes, Nile perch, and 
Lake Victoria 
Cichlids. I do this as part of my job in veterinary services at New England 
Aquarium. You see, when 
these animals get sick I and a team of veterinarians and other biologists try to 
help them get better. 
My favorite part though is to work with the seals.
	I think the most important tip I could give you would be to stay in school 
and study hard. 
When you graduate high school go on to college and study marine biology. Read as 
much as you can about 
the subject. Your school library may also have other types of resources for you 
such as video tapes, 
audio tapes. On the internet you can get more information here at WhaleNet 
( look under 
"careers" they have some good 
links. Get involved in the field by doing internships or projects through your 
local school or 
college. Marine biology is a wide, varied field. I hope I anwered your question, 
Good luck 

Bob Cooper