Subject: Re: Marine Biologist
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 08:30:02 -0500 (EST)

Hi Shannon,

> 1. How did you first get interested in marine biology?

It started in college. I had this professor, who was also my advisor, who
gave me lots of encouragement and direction as well as an appreciation for
the ocean and all that lives within it.

> 2. What education did you receive in this field, and where did you attend
> college?

Presently, I have a Bachelor of Science degree from Framingham State
College. I started on a Masters in education but didn't finish...yet.

> 3. What does a marine biologist do?

Marine biologists are a group of people with a common thread: studing the
ocean or its inhabitants. Some study whales, others study bacteria living
in deep water thermal vents, and still others are veterinarians studing
seals. So you see its quite a diverse bunch of folks. I personally study
seals but I also assist the veterinarians in daily care of the colony and
stranded animals.

> 4. How long have you been working in this field?

I ahve been at the aquarium for 11 years as paid staff and volunteered off
and on for 3 years.

> 5. What is your favorite part about this career?

I learn something new everyday, and no two days are the same, its great!

> 6. Does it require a lot of travel?  If so, how expensive is it on average?

Well, in my position, no. But many other biologist travel frequently. I'm
not really sure.

> 7. What is your favorite marine animal (just out of curiosity)?

Seals, in particular, hooded seals.

I hope I answered your questions,
Good luck,

Bob Cooper.