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Whaling isn't an issue today.  Whaling is still going on, but it's
doubtful that it is endagering any population.  This is very different
from the past, since whaling is the prime reason that endangered whales
are endangered.  About two million whales were killed this century in
the southern hemisphere alone, including some 750,000 fin whales,
350,000 blue whales and a quarter million humpbacks.

Today, the most endagered populations are northern right whales
(everywhere), eastern Arctic bowheads, western gray whales (west side of
the Pacific - the eastern population that migrates past California is
doing very well, by contrast), and most blue whale populations
(California is an exception).

Threats today are ship strike and entanglement in fishing gear

Hope this helps.

Phil Clapham

d. joy wrote:
> Mr Clapham,
> What are some of the causes of whales becoming endangered besides
> whaling?  Also, what are some of the possible solutions?
> I am doing an independent study for my grade 13 geography class, and
> your help would be greatly appreciated.  my email address is
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