Subject: School Project
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 23:50:28 -0500 (EST)


> From: jls <>
> 	1. what is your job?

I am a senior biologist.

> 	2. why did you choose your job?

Mainly because Iget to work with animals, in particular seals.

> 	3. what do you like most about your job?  and least?

Ilearn something new everyday. I work long hours.

> 	4. what are the advantages and disadvantages in your career?

The advantage is that i get to do what I enjoy doing: helping animals. the
disadvantage isthat the pay isn't great.

> 	5. what were some work experiences that helped you?

I worked as a volunteer at the Aquarium: that definitely helped in getting
the job I have.

> 	6. what are the requiremants or skills needed to do your job?

My job requires a Bachelor of Science degree, and several years experience
in a biology oriented job. In my job it helps to know how to use a
computer, how to test water chemistry, and how to help the veterinarian.

> 	7. does your job have benifits?

Yes it does. I have the rare opportunity to work with marine mammals.

> 	8. what are your future plans?

I'd like to further my education by earning a Master degree or even  PhD.

> 	9. what advice would you give someone who might want to do
> this            job?

Study hard, stay in school, go to college. Try to do internships in the
field of biology that most interests you. Always look for opportunities to
further your education.

 Bob Cooper
 Sr. Biologist
 New England Aquarium
 Central Wharf
 Boston, MA 02110
 617-973-5273    www.neaq.or