Subject: Marine science

Bob Cooper (
Fri, 26 Feb 1999 23:53:09 -0500

>hi , I have really wanted to be a marine scientist. I would like to know what
>kind of classes to take when I go to college. What do I have to do to be were
>you are to day.
>		Thanks,
>				AK
Hi AK,
	I would start by going through the careers section of WhaleNet: look for the
career section. The link to Monterey Bay Aquarium's page on marine biology
has some good advice: .
Another site that may apply well is Mote  Marine lab's page: .

  As far as what kind of classes, that would depend on what discipline
within marine science you were interested in.  Math and the sciences
(biology, chemistry, geology, and computers) are important. But also,
writing, public speaking, logic, etc. play a big part in future career
development. So being well rounded is a plus. Keep an eye out for schools
that offer a marine science program and review the classes they offer
within the program. Compare the programs of different schools and find the
one that fits you best.

Good luck,

Bob Cooper