Subject: bottlenosed whales

Bob Cooper (
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 00:34:44 -0500

>Dear Bob,
>	I am currently an eighth grader, attending St. Veronica's catholic
>school.  I
>am E-mailing to you because I have a question needed to be answered.  I would
>like to know if you have any useful information about bottlenosed whales.  I
>am asking because I have a friend who needs information on bottlenosed whales,
>and couldn't find it anywhere currently.  If you have any information, I, and
>my friend, whould greatly appreciate it.  E-mail me with your results at
> or  Thank you for your
>time reading this message.
>Manuel Quiles

Hi Manuel,
	Not knowing a tremendous amount about bottlenose whales, other than
they are great divers, I did a search of the archives at WhaleNet and I
found a great write-up about bottlenose whales in the archive: ,Nathalie Patenaude
summarized them quite well.
There was more on the net:

You might also check the bibliographies at WhaleNet as well:

Good luck,
Bob Cooper.