Subject: How many scientists are alive today?

Bob Cooper (
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 23:08:06 -0500

>Hi. I wonder how many scientists are alive today. And, I'd like to know the
>relationship between technological change and these scientists today.
	I cannot tell you how many scientist there are today, I can only
guess that there are hundreds of thousands, if not a million, of them
working today. I think that most of them embrace technology and the change
it brings. Technology allows us to exchange e-mails and also allows some
scientists to manipulate DNA. It tends to make our jobs easier and the data
more accurate. It allows us to see places we normally would never get to
see: like the inside the womb of a mother to look at the developing child.
Or to explore the surface of other planets of the solar system. For me it
is making it possible to "see" into the lives of the seals we tag with
satellite tags. As technology progresses these tags will hopefully get
smaller and smaller and still deliver the same information if not more: and
more accurately. I am sure there are some scientists who don't like change,
and thats OK. For me its exciting.

Hope I answered your question

Bob Cooper