Subject: marine biome questions

roman (jroman@GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU)
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 10:14:40 +0100

>hey sorry to bother you but i have sort of a presentation for science and
>we were each assigned a group and a specific biome and my group got the
>marine boime.  My job is to think up 10 long test questions and 2 short
>test questions.  Do you have any good questions concerning the marine
>If you do please write back as soon as possible at

Your best bet would be to look at a textbook on marine biology or
oceanography.  By reading--or just skimming through--a few chapters I'm
sure you will be able to find plenty of interesting questions for a test.
One that comes to my mind is:  Since tides and lunar cycles are important
to the development of many marine organisms, how would life in the oceans
be different if there was no moon?

There are also lots of interesting questions about how the marine biome is
different from terrestrial ones.

Good luck discussing this with your group.


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