Subject: volunteer positions

roman (jroman@GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU)
Sun, 07 Mar 1999 09:40:43 +0100

>i am a 23 year old student.  i am currently enrolled in commnity college
>and am in my first year chemisty, phyisics, biology, and calculus.
>unfortunately, it is taking me more time then i'd like to admit to get
>though school because of the fact that i have to work.  my main goal is
>is to attend the university of california, santa cruz.  my question to
>you is, since it is taking me a long time to reach my goals, i am
>curious to know if there are any suggestions as to what i can do in the
>mean time, such as volutieering or working for an organisation where i
>can gain some practical experience in the field of marine biology while
>i go to school.  i live in portland oregon and my funds are limited.  i
>would appreciate any imput you have for me.
>thank you,

Dear Kelli:

I can recommend two sources for finding volunteer positions.  WhaleNet has
a link for careers and educational resources at

I also find the MARMAM server to be helpful.  You'll get a few E-mail
messages a day, with news on marine mammals and available positions, both
paid and unpaid.

-To subscribe to MARMAM, send a message to:
saying: subscribe marmam Yourfirstname Yourlastname

Best of luck finding a position!


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