Subject: right whales

roman (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 20:42:14 +0100

>Mr. Roman,
>     I am trying to get some information about whales that are near my
>home on
>Amelia Island.  I think you may be coming to talk to my class.  I would
>like to
>share something with my class that they don't know.  thank you for taking the
>time to answer me.  Gray Edenfield  Fourth Grade Student at Emma Love Hardee
>Elementary in Fernandina Beach.

Dear Gray:

Well, I guess some one else from the New England Aquarium will be coming to
visit your group.  I'm not really sure what your class knows about whales
and what they don't, but here's a few interesting facts about the North
Atlantic right whale--the species that calves just off Amelia Island.

North Atlantic Right Whales are among the most endangered large whales.
Presently, there are only about 300 of them.

The right whale got its name because whalers thought it was the "right"
whale to catch.  These baleen whales are slow swimmers, stay near the
coast, and float when they're killed.

You can spot a right whale at sea by its V shaped blow, black skin, and
lack of dorsal fin.

I hope this helps.  If you want more information check out

Enjoy your class!


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