Subject: otis and other porpoises

roman (jroman@GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 23:04:19 +0100

>How far do Harbor Porpoises travel in a day?
>Why do porpoises migrate?
>What is a satellite tag?
>How has it been attached to Otis, the harbor porpoise?
>Why do you think Harbor Porpoises travel in a specific direction?
>What is the average rate of travel?

How was Otis tagged?

Where does he live now?

How did you bring him back to your place from the sea?

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I'm afraid all my information about Otis comes from WhaleNet, so you'll
probably be able to answer the questions you've asked me as easily as I
could.  Go to:


Enjoy the site.  It looks like a great project!



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