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Subject: Re: A.S.K. dissecting a whale

Well Chris,
     It is similar to your biology classes when you are dissecting a frog,
worm or fetal pig...except a lot bigger.   It is a lot easier to locate 
the internal organs on a blue whale and You get your exercise at the
same time.  
	The entire time that you are conducting the necropsy it is an
exploration.  What will you find?  Will you find the cause of death?  What
was the whale eating?  Was it struck by a boat? "Wow" look at the
size of that heart!  I guess you can tell, I do like my job!
     They call it a dissection in your biology class, an autopsy
when it is preformed on a human, and a necropsy when it is preformed on a
large animal.  

Thanks for your question.

Frederick Wenzel
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> What is it like to pull apart a whale, like you are doing in the picture?
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