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Subject: Re: circulation system of a whale (fwd)

Dear Lin,
     Yeah, you are correct....There is very little information beyond the
size of the heart of certain species of whales.
     One area of overlap that you might find interesting is looking and
searching under:  Thermoregulation, Heat exchange system, adaptations
to aquatic environments.

Both whales and dolphins have unique circulatory systems which allow a
marine mammal to thermoregulate their body temperature.  Imagine a large
whale migrating from cold arctic waters to warm tropical waters...
Their unique circulatory system prevents overheating and allows cooling.
Marine mammals must be concerned with hypo- and Hyperthermia.

I have been looking for some references in my library, but with little
luck at this time.  I remember a paper 1965.  Scholander and Schevill

Hope it helps, or gets your student started.

Frederick Wenzel
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> Subject: circulation system of a whale
> Dear Bob, I am a special education teacher in the cleve. hts. district and we
> are in the process of getting together a science fair project and I have a
> young lady that is interested in presenting the circulatory system of a whale.
> I have searched library file for books and have not been successful, can you
> direct my efforts. Any help would be appreciated. Again thanks, Lin Hollins e-
> mail LHOLL68453@AOL.COM