Subject: a couple questions please

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Tue, 16 Mar 1999 14:32:56 GMT

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> Hello Martine, I am a  sophomore attending a school in Salem, Oregon.  I was
>hoping you could answer a couple of questions of mine  that I have always been
>wondering about .
> 1)   How did you get started in biology? And how long have you been working
>in that field?

I always wanted to be a biologist, specially a field-biologist. My early
dream was to work in the Arctic with large mammals. Of course, I applied to
medecine and pharmacology as I was quite aware that jobs were (and still
are) quite rare for a biologist. But when the time came to decide, the
biology won.
I got my bachelor in biology (with an ecology speciality) in 1984 and the
winter after, I was lucky enough to join the group of the Mingan Island
Cetacean Study inc.(MICS).

>2) How difficult was it to get a job  as a biologist? If it was how did you
>get the job?
Let's say that it is not unusual for marine mammal biologist to start
working in an organizations as a vulunter.In fact, that is exactly what I
did in order to have a chance to work with large whales. I joined MICS as
soon as I finished my bachelor, but I worked as I volunter for quite a few
seasons doing another job on the side to survive. Slowly, I started to write
projects to different funding agencies and I could then be full time at
MICS. In 1992, I realized that I needed to do graduate studies which I have
just finished. All these years, and for quite a few years more, I depended
on my skill as a fund raiser. It is not easy at all and you spend almost
more time writing proposals than you do your research. But at the end, it is
extremely rewarding as you are doing what you like.

>3) finally  I have been looking at colleges and universities and I was
>thinking about going to Scripps institute of oceanography  and i was wondering
>if you knew anything about this college and if you recommend it or recommend
>any other colleges is should look at 

I don't know much about Scripps Institute except its excellent reputation. 

>                                                     thank you for answering
>my questions and taking the time to do it.   if you would answer these it
>would be very much appreciated                                                
>                                                           Thank you 
>                                                        sincerely Ken Stowell
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