Subject: xray fish

Martine Berube (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 17:33:21 GMT

At 08.30 AM 17-03-1999 PST, you wrote:
>Hello!  I am a teacher of first grade students.  We are learning about 
>ocean habitats and animals.  We found a book that mentions a fish called 
>the xray fish (Pristella Riddlei).  We are curious about why it is 
>called this and where it lives.  Can you tell us anything.  Our internet 
>and Encyclopedia CD ROM searches have not helped.
>Kathy Hennessy
>Chestnut Hill Academy
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Dear Kathy,
Unfortunately I don't know much about fishes. I have browsed on the intenet
for a while without any success. Beside a few sites where the taxonomy is
described, there is a lot of site for buying such a fish. I also took the
liberty of adding the address of Seaworld where you have the possibility to
ask "Shamu" questions. Maybe they have answers for you all.