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>       Is a international ban on all whaling necessary? I am researching a
>paper on the subject. I would appreciate any information on the pros and cons

I suggest that you look at website such as the High North Alliance
(, the International whaling Commission
( or the International
Wildlife Coalition
( In addition
here are a couple of articles that might be of interest. If you cannot
access these journals, please do not hesitate to contact the first author
for a copy. Beside these articles, S. Henderson has a serie of articles in
Marine pollution bulletin that might be of interest. 

1- Discourse and sovereignty: Interests, science, and morality in the
regulation of whaling. Mitchell RB. GLOBAL GOVERNANCE 4: (3) 275-293 JUL-SEP

Mitchell RB, Univ Oregon, Dept Polit Sci, Eugene, OR 97403 USA.
Univ Oregon, Dept Polit Sci, Eugene, OR 97403 USA.

2-Historical memory, cultural claims, and environmental ethics in the
jurisprudence of whaling regulation. Scheiber HN. OCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT
38: (1) 5-40 1998

This study considers in historical perspective the ethical and juridical
norms relevant to commercial and indigenous whaling
activities and their regulation. An assessment is offered of the records of
the International Whaling Commission from 1946
to the present, and of individual whaling nations, especially Japan and
Norway. The argument is made that historic behavior
should matter, when the question is raised: What nations or interests come
to the table with "clean hands"? The author rejects
arguments by Japan, Norway, and various scholars that coastal whaling
communities in industrialized countries should be
regarded as equivalent to indigenous whaling communities such as the Inuit
in justifying exceptions to the IWC moratorium,
In light of whale species' precarious condition and in light of past
behavior by whaling fleets, only strongly based
indigenous cultural claims should be permitted to trump a general rule
against whaling. (C) 1998 Elsevier Science Ltd. All
rights reserved.

Scheiber HN, Univ Calif Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720 USA.
Univ Calif Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720 USA.
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