Subject: brainsizes among whales

Martine Berube (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 13:40:38 GMT

At 05.10 AM 19-03-1999 +0100, you wrote:
>hallo Martine!
>I wonder if you can help me out,i have locking around for infomation about
different brainsizes among whales.How big is for example a blue whale brain
or a dolphin brain? I am interested in as many species as possible.
>It would mean a lot to me if you can help me.

Dear Anders,
I found more information about brain sizes.

Comparison of Brain Size

Several Cetaceans & Other Large-Brained Mammals 

Weight given in grams is approximaterly equal to volume in milliliters (ml =
cubic centimeters), since the density of the brain is close to that of
water. (See, for
more info, page 192-193 in J.C.Lilly, Communication between Man and Dolphin,
NY:Crown, 1978)

1200-1600 human adult
1100-1800 Tursiops truncatus (dolphin) mature
800-1000 human infant
800-1200 white-sided, spinner, spotted (dolphins)
450-650  chimpanzee, gibon, orang, gorilla (apes)
2000-3000 elephant
2000-3000 beluga, pilot whale (odentoceti)
3500-4500 Orcinus orca (dolphin)
6000-8000 sperm whale (largest of the odentoceti)
3500-6500 most baleen whales (the mysticeti)
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