Subject: Sperm whales

Martine Berube (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 10:24:18 GMT

At 10.48 PM 22-03-1999 EST, you wrote:
>can you send me information on the sperm whale i have a big projeck do and im
>behinde the work becase i was sick for a week so can you pleasesss help me !!!
>I need them as soon as i can its do soon  

Have you look at the Species and Behaviors Information and Links on the
WhaleNet site. You can find there a lot of interesting websites on sperm
whales. Just on the American Cetacean Society site, there are seven very
informative pages. Please have a look at what WhaleNet has to offer as
information and if you have more specific questions, please, don't hesitate
to contact me again.