Subject: All whales

Martine Berube (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 12:06:57 GMT

1)  How deep can whales travel in the ocean?

While travelling a whale does not dive really deep, however, while feeding
they may rich impressive depth. For example, sperm whale routinely can dive
up to 1500 feet but it has been suggested that they can reach more than 10
000 feet on occasion.

2)  How big is a baby blue whale?

The average length of a blue whale at birth is approximately 23 or 25 feet long.

3)  How many blue whales have you seen?

It is extremely difficult to answer this question precisely, I would say in
the hundreds. I have been lucky to work in the best areas to see blue
whales, the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada

4.)  What is the best place to contribute monies towards the preservation of
 We would like to raise funds towards a right whale or blue whale.

There are several links to organizations that help whales in the educational
resources section of WhaleNet