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Martine Berube (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 14:26:06 GMT

Dear All,
Your asked me:

1.  How large is a blue whale's lung?

I am sorry but I only cannot find any references regarding size of lung only
their capacities. For a 20 to 25m blue whale the lung capacity would be
about 2000liter. I don't have this book in hand but in Slijper, E.J. (1962.
Whales. Hutchison, London.) you might be able to find a more precise answer.

2.  Do whales get goose bumps on their skin?

I don't beleive we know if they do but I have my doudts. However, whale do
have, to a certain extend, sensitive skin.

3.  How long is the life span of a blue whale?

The knowledge of life span in blue whale is no very precise as it is
difficult to age blue whales. During the whaling period, scientists used ear
plugs, baleen plate as well as counting the corpora albicantia. Today, we
can only group whales into age-categories based on mark-recapture studies.
Small (1972, The blue whale) wrote that their life span is probably over 20
but less than forty years.

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