Subject: General questions

Martine Berube (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 11:08:57 GMT

Dear Zach,

-You asked if sharks ever attack whales? 

Large sharks may prey upon some baleen whales, particularly those that are
ill, injured, or very young.

-Dear Melody, you question was: What do baby belugas eat? 

Beluga calves will nurse for 20 - 24 months, therefore their main diet is
the mother's milk.

-Finally Vicky, You asked, What do orcas eat? 

Their diet varies a fair amount. They can eat fishes such as salmon, cod,
herring etc... or mother marine mammals such as seals, sea lions, and even
some whale and dolphins species. In addition to all that, they have been
found to feed on squids, birds and even leatherback sea turtle.
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