Subject: Can i ask you some questions?

Martine Berube (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 11:55:43 GMT

Dear Brittany,
You asked:

>How long is a right whale calf inside the mother?

-I can only tell you that the calf is about 15-20 feet at birth.

>What type of water do right whales live in?

-They live near-shore and offshore oceanic waters.

>How much do right whales need to eat to survive?

-Large baleen whales are estimated to eat about 4% of their body weight each
day during the feeding season. The right whale will swim near or at the
surface of the water with the mouth open, continuously strain the water for
small zooplankton such as copepods.

>What is the mature size of a right whale?

-The females are larger than males and they are between 35-50 feet up to
sometimes 60 feet and can weight as much as 100 tons.

>Amount of space a right whale needs to survive?

-Right whales are migratory animals, spending the winter in warmer waters
such as those found off the coast of Argentina or Cape Hatteras, and
migrating to the poles for cooler waters in late summer and early fall. It
is rare to see a whale off the coast of Cape Cod from June to October
because they have all headed north. 

>How long is a right whale calf and weight?

The calves are around 15-20 feet. I don't have precise figures but usually
we say that birth weight is approximately 3% to 4% of the mother's weight. 

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