Subject: whales
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 20:39:31 EST

Hello Amy:
In Herman: Cetacean Behavior, Mechanisms and Function .1980. Wiley & Sons.,
Page 184.  tonal pulses and low-frequency moans between 0.4 to 36-sec.
duration w/ fundamental frequencies from 12-500 Hz, heard from 7 of 10 species
of mysticete species (minke, sei and pygmy right were the 3 sp. excepted.)
Humpback, right, gray, fin and minke whales: frequencies between 40 and 200
Hz.  Broad-band or pure tone composition with frequencies from 3 to 30 kHz
reported for humpback, gray, blue, minke and Bryde's whale.
Chirps and cries above 1 kHz were heard from humpbacks.  The narrow band (+/-
2-3Hz) 20 Hz pulses of fin whales are well documented beginning in the early
to mid-1960s.  
I hope that gets you started.  For more up to date work, contact Kim Marshall-
Talis at      Kim and her group have  recently recorded the
sounds of feeding humpbacks in SE Alaska.  For information on the acoustics of
blue whales, contact Mike Williamson at

Good luck and I hope that is helpful in getting you started.

Scott Mercer