Subject: first graders question the scientist
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 18:19:37 EST

Hello Ms. Markham's First Graders:

Well, your questions sent me to the books.  As far as I can tell, the largest
whale is the blue whale.  Blue whales can grow to more than 100 feet in
length, and weight more than 100 tons.  You might want to got out into a large
(very large) open space and see how long 100 feet is, how many of you it takes
to make 100 feet of length, then draw out the actual size of a blue whale.
The length is just one astonishing part of the story.  The distance all the
way around a blue whales body is enormous too.

In the winter, many kinds of whales leave their warmer summer and autumn
feeding areas, and go to warm southern waters.  Humpback whales in the
Atlantic Ocean go mostly down to the Caribbean waters.

Most whales eat small fish, small squid and small shrimpy creatures about
1"-2" long.  Most big whales eat one to three tons per day.  How many quarter
pounders is that??

We'd love to have you come to Newburyport to go on a whale watch.  Staying
with me would mean a farther drive for you!!  I live farther north.

Thanks for the questions!!