Subject: School project
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 19:46:31 EDT

There are a number of endangered species of whales.  My suggestion is that 
you obtain a list of endangered species.  Some species of endangered whales 
are humpback, finback, blue, sei, brydes.  Use the several books on whales in 
your library to get specific information about whales.  Also, use sources 
like Yahoo science and Netscape science to obtain information about whales.
The largest whale is the blue whale.
Environmental groups interested in whale conservation include:
Greenpeace and the Center For Marine Conservation.
Federal agency: National Marine Fisheries Service.
Research Groups: New England Aquarium, Boston: right whales
Center For Coastal Studies, Provincetown, MA.
Allied Whale, College of The Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME.

Good luck!!