Subject: a few more questions
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 21:45:10 EDT

I would consider the major threat to blue whale survival to be alteration or 
destruction of habitat.  This may be as subtle as increased sound in the 
ocean, or a change in surface water temperatures and circulation that would 
affect food abundance and supply.

I have never heard of a whale watching boat striking a blue whale. And have 
not seen where large shipping interests have struck a blue whale.  I would be 
interested in reading your sources on these incidents concerning blue whales. 
 Collisions between whale watching boats and any species of whale are very 
rare.  A major concern in the survival of North Atlantic right whales are the 
numbers of contacts between very large ships and right whales, as well as 
entanglements.  I would refer you to the very fine work done by Scott Kraus 
and Amy Knowlton and Phil Hamilton and others at the New England Aquarium in 

Thanks again!!

Scott Mercer