Subject: Re: Hello!

Dagmar Fertl (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 06:18:31 PDT

Hello. My name is Jasmine Branton. I live in Hamilton, Ontario 
Canada. I am 13 years old. Some day I would like to become a marine 
biologist. I have been studying dolphins and other marine life since I 
was 7 years old.
I want to dedicate my life to them. I would like to specialize in the
communication of bottled-nosed dolphins. I would like to know if you 
have any information or advise you could give me on how to get where 
you are. I think you are an excellent scientist. Thank you and goodbye 
for now.

                            !!!Dolphins Rule!!!      

I agree - dolphins do rule :-) and thanks for the nice compliment as 

The WhaleNet website has some good information links about a career in 
marine mammal science.  I would particularly recommend looking at the 
Society for Marine Mammalogy's information site on this topic.

As far as any personal advice, I would say that you shouldn't lose 
your enthusiasm.  You might at some time try to do an EarthWatch trip, 
since Dr. Lou Herman, one of the most respected dolphin communication 
experts, has a project that receives funding thru that organization.  
Basically, people pay to participate in the research.  This might give 
you a better idea as to what a dolphin communication person does for a 
job, and gives you hands-on experience. I'm not sure how old you have 
to be to participate (I think you're still too young by a few years), 
but you might want to check into that program. 

Good luck, and thanks for the enthusiastic letter!

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