Subject: Fish Orcas do not eat

Caroline Margaret Delong (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 20:22:08 -1000

On Sun, 18 Apr 1999 wrote:

> Hi-
> I'm doing a project in English where I have to write an analogy using 
> creatures of the ocean.  I need the name of the fish that Orcas do not eat.  
> Do you have any suggestions?  If so please e-mail me back asap.  Thanks.

Orcas eat a wide variety of prey, including fish, other cetaceans,
pinnipeds, mustelids, birds, reptiles, and cephalopods. Their diet varies
considerably from region to region, and also varies within specific
regions.  To answer your question about types of fish Orcas do NOT eat,
first I'll give you a sampling of the kinds of fish they DO eat.

Some researchers have reported that Orcas in Norwegian waters mainly eat
herring.  The kinds of fish eaten by Orcas off Japan are cod and flatfish
(among others). In Puget Sound, the main food of Orcas in the summer and
fall is salmon. Orcas in the North Atlantic, coast of Japan, and Indian
Ocean have been known to eat tuna. In Alaskan waters, Orcas have been
known to eat sablefish. This is not an exhaustive list, so there are other
types of fish they do eat.

For your analogy, you might try to think of small fish, or pond fish- such
as goldfish or sunfish- that Orcas are unlikely to eat.

Good Luck,