Subject: Starfish Questions

Dagmar Fertl (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 16:59:21 -0400

     How does a starfish feed on a tightly closed clam?
     Why can a starfish move equally well in any direction?
     How does water flow through the water vascular system of a starfish?   
      What advantage do free swimming larvae provide for the echinoderm?
     How can I tell if the starfish is male or female?

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Subject: Starfish Questions
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Date:    4/17/99 3:52 PM

I'm sorry, I'm a dolphin biologist, and have had no invertebrate zoology 
classes.  I would suggest checking your local library, or at least an 
encyclopedia for the information.  Alternatively, find a marine biology school 
in your area (or somewhere) with invertebrate experts.