Subject: What marine biology fields are there?

Caroline DeLong (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 10:14:30 -1000

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>What types of fields are there for marine biologists? What specific parts
>could one go into?

Hi Natasha,

Check out the "Careers" section of the WhaleNet Educational Resources page-

Some job options- You can go into research, teaching (as a professor at a
university), or training (at a marine park or at a research facility).  You
can join a non-profit organization and set up a research and/or educational
program.  You can work for a museum collecting artifacts or working on
displays or educational programs. There are various governmental agenices
that employ marine mammal scientists. If you want to know what you can
study specifically as a biologist (field options), there are many choices.
You can focus on anatomy and physiology, behavior, cognition, acoustics,
hearing, social dynamics, feeding strategies, migration, reproduction....
the list goes on.  You can look at a book about marine mammals and see what
excites you, and then try it out.

Good Luck,
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