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Howard Garrett (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 20:38:25 -0400 (EDT)

>Dear sir, I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. and frequently take long walks combing 
>the shorline north of town. Yesterday my dog Ace and I walked apon a very 
>large bone. It looked to be the pelvis bone since it is very 
>large(150-300lbs) and has ball joint at one end very close together, and no 
>eye holes or brain cavity, although there is a cavity it didn't appear to be 
>craneal. After talking to a friend who also saw it, he claimed it to be 
>skull. I am interested in viewing skeleton remains of a whale to better align 
>this bone in its proper place. Can you suggest a web site or books? 
>Sincerely, Jason

        That sounds like a fascinating discovery, but I haven't a clue what
it is. I also can't guide you to a book or web site that would give
illustrations of whale skeletons. I've seen whale skulls and skeletons,
however, and if you can forward me a photo it's possible I could find out
what it is.

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