Subject: fin whales

Howard Garrett (
Tue, 27 Apr 1999 21:20:05 -0400 (EDT)

>dear sir,
>my name is david dabiri . I am a 2nd grade student at Elk Elementary School
in West Virginia.  I have a  have to to a report on finwhales.  i have to
askyou a few questions.  my whale is the Fin wale. 1).does a Fin whale have
balene or teeth?  
>2).where do the finwales live?  
>3). how big is the finwhale? 
>4). what does a finwhale eat?
>                                                                    Thank, 
>                                                                    David

Dear David,

        Good topic, and good questions. 1) Fin whales have baleen. 2) Fin
whales tend to spend warm months in productive coastal waters, along
continental shelves, in the cooler waters of temperate to polar regions.
It's still not well known where they spend their winters. 3) Fin whales can
grow to about 80 feet long, but are usually around 60-70 feet as adults. The
females are slightly larger than the males. 4) Fin whales scoop up huge
mouthfuls of small schooling fish, like sand lance or immature herring, or

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