Subject: Whales' excretory systems

Howard Garrett (
Sun, 2 May 1999 14:18:24 -0400 (EDT)

>I`m writing for my daughter in the 6th grade..she has a project on
>whales due at the end of the month and we can`t find any information on
>the whales excretory system..we`ve searched two libraries ..CDrom
>Encyclopedia and the net until we found you. Please let us have any
>information matter how short ..we greatly appreciate your time.

        I'm not surprised that you haven't found a great deal of information
on this matter. I don't have much background on that topic myself. Here are
some items. Whales tend to excrete more frequently than land animals.
Excretions are marked by brown clouds often seen trailing whales, indicating
the liquified state of the excretion. It is not known if excretion may at
times be a form of communication among whales as with some land animals.
Considering excretory systems as part of whole ecosystems, whale excrement
is a vital organic nutrient for maintaining microorganic life of the oceans.

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