Subject: Re: Interest in work

Kim Marshall (
Thu, 20 May 1999 20:30:49 GMT

>Question:Dear Kim,
>A friend of mine contacted you about marine mammology.  You just answered
>a few questions for her and I was wondering if you could help me out.  I
>will be graduating next august with a bachelors in biology.  I am very
>interested in marine mammology work and was wondering if you could point me
>in the right direction.  I would also like to get into the university of
>hawaii for a masters in marine life, but as always, you have to know
>someone.  It is definately not what you know, but who.  Please keep me
>informed of anything that may be of interest to me.  Thank you for your time.
One of the best places we have found to get information about how to pursue
a career in marine sciences is the website provided by MarMam.  The website
is  You can also join their
discussion group, which will allow you to start making contacts in this
field.  Also look at the career section on WhaleNet at
Good luck with your search. Kim

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