Subject: Re: Orcas

Kim Marshall (
Thu, 20 May 1999 20:30:50 GMT

>Question: Do orcas have gall bladders?  Weight of tongue, heart, liver,
>stomach, lungs
>of average orca.  How often do Transient Orcas feed?  Do they gorge when they
>find food and then wait before feeding again?  Or do they eat small amounts
>as they find prey?  Probably both?  Thank you very much.

Cetaceans (including orcas) don't have gall bladders.  As for your other
questions, I think the one of the places that could give you the best
information is the Center for Whale Research, at  They have information on
resident and transient whales, and you may be able to ask them the
particulars of orca anatomy.  Good luck with your search! Kim

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